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Who are we?

De Facto has over 20-years extensive experience in science, health and global media relations, digital, issues and crisis management, branding, marketing, advertising, and design services – providing access to the full-spectrum of communications skills.

What do we offer?


Launching the World’s scientific discoveries and protecting global brands

De Facto has been the leading life science communications agency in the UK for over 20-years, and has launched internationally some of the World’s most famous scientific discoveries including the eponymous ‘Dolly the Sheep’.

We are equally adept at working with the industry press and drafting peer-review work as we are transforming complex science into easily digestible ‘sound bites’ for the man on the street – enabling our communications campaigns to resonate both with consumer and professional audiences.

De Facto clients include the industry’s biggest players from the pharma, biotech and CMO/CRO sectors right through to start-ups and university spin out – whatever your organisation’s needs, we have a proven pedigree of delivery.

Empowering patients, creating dialogue and changing behaviour

Communicating with the general public and the hard to reach patient has never been more important than it is today with increased communication diversity and availability. At De Facto we design our campaigns around the point at which consumers interact with a brand – whether that is online in social media, in print newspapers or magazines, through word-of-mouth or within clinical settings – we design bespoke campaigns greater than the sum of their parts that not only raise awareness but also facilitate changes in consumer behaviour.

Organisations as diverse as private hospital groups, medical OEMs, charities and consumer service providers have used De Facto for consumer engagement programmes.

government and regulatory

Talking their language, addressing their concerns, and building advocates

De Facto has extensive experience working with medical professionals from international Key Opinion Leaders and professors to GPs, surgeons and patient facing clinicians. Our approach is to start from the ground-up and design communications with the end-user in mind, providing information that helps them meet their professional goals.

Services include: PR, public affairs, clinical communications and medical writing , KOL Mapping and engagement, Advisory boards, formulary packs and monographs, events, e-shots, sales aides and media planning.

We build robust campaigns and communications that are not only vigorously compliant with industry regulators, but also proactively help to facilitate relationships with these agencies, including:

  • Association of British Healthcare Industries
  • Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Advertising Standards Authority
  • Food and Drug Administration agency
  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  • European Medicines Agency
  • National Institute of Clinical Excellence

Bringing technology to life: the clinical story behind innovation

The medical technology sector is currently undergoing a change, not unlike the pharma industry of 10 years ago, gradually reforming its modus operandi to accommodate a new economic model and a cultural shift bringing innovation closer to the patient. It is therefore imperative that manufacturers engender the same trust as physicians have before them.

De Facto provides a range of specialist services designed to meet the specific need of any provider from market entrants to global leaders evaluating how best to communicate with payers, KOLs, clinicians and the patients behind them.

Patient Care

Patient Monitoring
Surgical and Supplies
Wound Care Management


Healthcare IT


Diagnostics Imaging
In Vitro Diagnostics

Direct to Consumer

Diagnosis and treatment
Health management and Advice

Specialty devices

Anaesthesia & Respiratory – Drug Delivery
Cardiovascular – Orthopaedic
Dental – Diabetes Care

Don’t just take our word for it…

here is what the media say about us.

“The De Facto team are quite simply the best PR organisation I have worked with. They produce quality press releases that are genuinely newsworthy and are always willing to help with additional questions and comment because they understand that news reporting and PR are not the same thing. Beyond that De Facto has been instrumental in connecting me and my team with senior executives at a number of top companies for in-depth interviews, text, Q&As and podcasts. Basically, they have helped us access the people that other news organisations cannot.”

Gareth Macdonald, Senior Editor at Outsourcing Pharma