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What is DeFacto Gift Club?

The DeFacto Gift Club is a program that offers its members opportunities, innovations, and privileges. To enjoy many advantages valid on, the DeFacto mobile application, and DeFacto stores, all you need to do is become a Gift Club member for free.

What are the advantages of DeFacto Gift Club?

From the moment you become a member, you earn 3% Gift Points with every purchase.

Special surprises for your birthday after completing your membership.

And more.

How can I become a DeFacto Gift Club member?

you can become a member by using, the DeFacto mobile application, at the cashiers in our DeFacto stores through our customer advisors, or you can contact us via Whatsapp communication line (+20 150 171 8113) or customer service 19782 from 08:00 to 22:00.

Where can I use DeFacto Gift Club?

You can use it for your purchases at all DeFacto stores, as well as on and the DeFacto mobile application.

In which situations can't I benefit from the privileges of the DeFacto Gift Club?

DeFacto Gift Club privileges cannot be used in transactions made with Pay at Store (PAS).
As a result of returns without a receipt, DeFacto Gift Club privileges cannot be used for new purchases made with a return receipt.

How can I complete my DeFacto Gift Club membership?

You can complete your DeFacto Gift Club membership through or the DeFacto mobile application.To complete your membership, click here.

Will I have a physical card when I become a DeFacto Gift Club member?

DeFacto Gift Club is a digital membership. You can use it at the cashier by scanning the QR code through the mobile application or with the phone number you shared during the membership creation process.

After becoming a DeFacto Gift Club member, when and how do I earn Gift Points?

You start earning Gift Points from the moment you become a member of the DeFacto Gift Club. From the initiation of your membership, with every purchase you make using cash, debit card, or credit card, you earn 3% Gift Points.

How many Gift Points can I earn on my purchases with DeFacto Gift Club?

With every purchase you make with DeFacto Gift Club, you can earn Gift Points worth at least 3% of the shopping amount.

Can I combine my 10% discount privilege with other DeFacto discounts?

After completing your membership, you can benefit from the 10% discount opportunity only once, in addition to all DeFacto's current discounts, in all DeFacto stores, and DeFacto mobile application. If you cancel/return your order, you cannot benefit from the discount again. DeFacto reserves the right to make changes within the scope of the campaign.

What is the validity period of my Gift Points?

"The Gift Points you earn with DeFacto Gift Club are valid until the end of January of the following year from the year in which you earned them. For example, Gift Points earned within the year 2024 can be used until January 31, 2025.

How do I track my Gift Point status and spending?

"You can follow the current Gift Point status on the DeFacto mobile application or on the DeFacto Gift Club Points page on

How do I use the accumulated Gift Points in my DeFacto Gift Club account?

You can use your Gift Points for your purchases at all DeFacto stores, on, and through the DeFacto mobile application.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit for using the Gift Points I have earned?

After completing your membership, the Gift Points you have earned can be used for all purchases. However, simultaneous earning and spending of points are not allowed during point-earning campaigns. (Example Campaign: Receive 100 EGP Gift Points as a gift for purchases over 1,000 EGP or triple Gift Points for purchases over 1,000 EGP).

Can I pay part of the shopping amount with my Gift Points and the rest with cash or credit card?

Yes. While you can pay part of the shopping amount with Gift Points, you can pay the remaining part in cash or credit card.

Can I use my Gift Points for online shopping?

Yes. You can use Gift Points for online shopping.

I activated my DeFacto Gift Club membership via or in the store. Can I use my membership on every platform (store, and mobile application)?

Yes. Once you complete your DeFacto Gift Club membership, you can use it at all DeFacto stores, on, and through the DeFacto mobile application.

Can I earn Gift Points from my credit card and DeFacto Gift Club membership at the same time?

DeFacto Gift Club is a service completely specific to DeFacto customers, and while you earn Gift Points, you can continue to earn credit card points from your credit cards according to the sectoral rates applied by your bank.

Can I pay the shipping fee with my Gift Club Points?

No, you can only use Gift Points when paying for the total purchase amount, excluding shipping and including VAT.

If I purchase a product with my Gift Points and later decide to exchange or return it, what will happen to my points?

If you want to return a product, the amount of Gift Points you earned from that product will be deleted from your account and the amount of Gift Points you spent will be added. When you exchange a product, Gift Points will be deleted from your account or added to your account, depending on the amount of the product you exchanged.

I made a purchase with the Gift Points I earned and then I returned my purchase. What will be the status of the points in my account?

If the Gift Points you earn are spent on another order and you return your first order, they must be collected from you as per the refund. Example: The total return amount of the products is 100 EGP. However, since you paid with 60 EGP worth of Gift Points for your purchase, this amount must be refunded to us. In cases where the balance is insufficient, Gift Points will be deducted from the refund amount (credit card, cash).

"Should I be concerned about the Protection of Personal Data?"

When becoming a DeFacto Gift Club member and making purchases with your membership, the personal data you provide is processed in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data ("GDPR"). They are recorded, stored, preserved, reorganized, shared with institutions authorized to request such personal data within the framework of the purpose requiring processing, and can be transferred to third parties in accordance with the conditions specified by the GDPR and other laws, and processed in other ways specified in the GDPR. Additionally, detailed regulations on the processing of personal data are included in the terms of the DeFacto Gift Club Program. Click here for all details. . Click here for all details.

What is the equivalent value of Gift Points in Egypt Pound?

100 Gift Points are equivalent to 1 EGP.

"How can I view my Gift Points?

"After logging into, you can access all the details of your Gift Points by clicking on the DeFacto Gift Club in the account menu and selecting the Gift Points page.

Even though I have Gift Club Points, I cannot use them?

In order to benefit from all the privileges special to you, you must complete your membership information. If you have completed your membership, you can contact our call center via phone, or WhatsApp.

How are Gift Points calculated?

Earning Gift Points for purchases made through DeFacto stores, and mobile application is calculated on the total order amount, excluding shipping costs, including VAT.

When will my Gift Points be loaded?

The loading time of Gift Points into your account may vary depending on the platform where you made the purchase. For in-store purchases, your Gift Points will be loaded into your account immediately, while for online purchases, they will be loaded to your account within 48 hours from the date of purchase.

My Gift Points haven't been credited to my account, what should I do?

If your Gift Points are not loaded into your account within 7 days from the date of purchase, you can reach our customer service for support by contacting us at (+20 150 171 8113) or by sending an email to

Can Gift Club campaign points be combined with regular point spending?

Points cannot be used at the same time as Gift Club's periodic point campaigns other than basic benefit acquisition. When paying for a purchase using points, the right to participate in the existing campaign is not defined or points cannot be spent.