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How can I make the payment?

You may shop at our web store with Visa, Master, American Express credit cards and Debit cards.

Cash on delivery

You can use our cash on delivery payment option for your orders up to 4000 EGP. You can pay order amount in cash upon delivery. In order to place an order with the cash on delivery, you need to create a membership and select the delivery to address option. 

Why is my order not confirmed?

At the time of your order, your credit card may not be approved for different reasons. Some of these reasons are; Your credit card's usable limit is insufficient, you entered your card number incorrectly, your card has expired, and there are temporary connection problems during the approval process. When shopping with a bank card, please make sure that your card is available for use on the internet. When you use a virtual card, check if the limit in your card's account is sufficient. To get help with your credit card verification problems, you need to contact the bank to which your card is affiliated.

How do I use the money points assigned to my account?

The money points defined in your account can only be used at Add the products you want to buy to the basket and press the complete shopping button and proceed. Write the amount in the money points section on the right and select the use option.

Do the prices of the products listed on the site include VAT?

The products sold in our DeFacto internet store are displayed in cash prices including VAT.

Payment Options